Editing Credits

Edit Assist Production Credits 


Battle of Britain: Arrow Media/ Channel 4

 Editor Credits

 ¥ 2015

Editor: Stealing. Short Film. Director Asham Kamboj

Editor: Jim. Channel 4 Pilot. Director Marc Senior

Editor: The Suffering Church. Documentary. Director. J. Nidal Agha

Editor: Various Pitch Videos. Espiritus Productions USA

 ¥ 2014

Editor: Green Man. Short Film. Director: Steve Kendrick.

Editor: Dick Fatoush. Short Film Director Sandip Mahal

 ¥ 2013

Editor: UK Residents Only. Short Film Director: Tarun Thind. Resource Productions

Director/Producer/Editor: Drug Deal Disclaimer. Short Film. Zeroheadroom Ltd

Director/Producer/Editor: Get Up Stand Up. Documentary. Zeroheadroom Ltd

¥ 2011

Editor: 7x Palestinian shorts films for showcasing to the United Nations with 27 countries represented. Producer: Jane Backhurst.

¥ 2009

Editor: Kristina. 1 Hour Drama. Dir: Pat Garrett. C.J Cookson Productions

¥ 2006

Editor: Point Proven. Dir: Vinny Mitra. Short Film. Vinny Mitra Productions

¥ 2003

Editor: Incredibly Strange People show. Comedy Pilot. Dir: Jason De L’orme. Powercage films

¥ 2002

Editor: The Sandwich – Dir.: Asham Kamboj. Paperknife Productions with the National Lottery and Southern Arts. Premiered at the London International Film Festival 2002

Editor: Black Britain – 4 x 8 min in house promos showcasing new presenters.           dir: Waheed Khan. BBC Black Britain Strand

¥ 1999

Editor: Hearts of Slough – Dir: Asham Kamboj. Paperknife productions for Slough council

Editor: Bariammiís Gardenl. Dir: Aamina Ahmad. Junglee Productions and the Media Trust for Channel 5. Bite the Mango International Film Festival 2000, Walker Centre (US) screening 1999 Shortlisted for an award at the British Television Advertising Craft Awards 1999

Editor: Eternal Return – 15min drama, Dir: Jamie Rafn. Jim et Jules Productions

Editor: Rent – Dir: Asham Kamboj. Paperknife Productions with the National Lottery and Southern Arts Premiered at the London International Film Festival 1999 Montevideo International Film Festival 1999. Kino Film Festival 1999